Geared for a Better Future

Global leader in wind power drive equipment and Asian leader of vessel propulsion system integration

Company Profile

Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. ( “NGC”) is headquartered in Nanjing, P.R.C. Founded in 1969, NGC was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2007 under the name “China Transmission”.

After many years of successful growth, NGC has founded four businesses, focused respectively on gears, marine equipment, machine tools and LED products. The NGC brand is famous throughout China and the rest of the world. The company is a world-renowned wind-power drive equipment manufacturer, a well-respected marine propulsion system integrator throughout Asia, and a leading gear equipment manufacturer in China.

Adhering to a corporate philosophy of “climbing step by step to the summit, striving piece by piece for perfection”, NGC has accepted the challenge to make the world “Geared for a Better Future”. The company has constantly refined and professionalized its internal management system and internationalized its business development approach. As a result, NGC has now become one of the world’s most well-respected partners in the industry, thanks to its advanced technology, reliable quality and personalized services.