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NGC’s 3,800 kW Unilateral Twin-drive Reducer Exported to Argentina

Published: 2016-04-28


Recently, the 3,800 kW Unilateral Twin-drive Reducer manufactured by NGC Gears successfully passed acceptance standards and left the factory. The reducer model is MSBY380, and it will be mounted on a cement grinding assembly line in Argentina. The Unilateral Twin-drive Reducer of the MSBY series is a type of auxiliary driver for tube mills independently researched by NGC Gears. It can simultaneously meet requirements for large power, large gear ratio and small volume.

NGC’s Unilateral Twin-drive Reducer of the MSBY series uses CAE technology to optimize the structure of gearboxes. Precise micro-surface modification is used on output pinions. Meanwhile, the innovative design of the cantilever support device is used on output bearing pedestals. The rigidity of the system, the steadiness of transmission, the accuracy of mesh, and the synchronous and uniform loading efficiency of the product have been promoted comprehensively.

The internal structure of the reducer is symmetrically designed, and all gear pieces can be used with working faces exchanged. The split design is used on boxes of input shafting, which facilitates user maintenance.

Compared with gearboxes for traditional cement grinding mills, which use two-stage or three-stage parallel shaft gear reducers and transmitters, the Unilateral Twin-drive Reducer shortens the transmission chain, decreases the capital construction investment and potential failure, and guarantees fast and convenient installation and maintenance.

NGC’s Unilateral Twin-drive Reducer of the MSBY series applies to such industries as construction materials, coal manufacturing, and mining. It can smash ores, coal briquettes, or cement clinkers. The maximum power for this series of reducers can reach 10,000 kW. In addition, for many years, it has been successfully applied in China. In particular, the MSBY400 model passed appraisal as a new product in Jiangsu Province during 2014, and the overall technology of the product was recognized as a domestic leader. The cement grinding assembly line in Argentina for which the MSBY380 is provided belongs to one of the largest concrete manufacturers in the world. The successful cooperation of the project has positive implications for NGC Gears to explore overseas markets.(by Yuan Shuai)

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