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Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions, Led by Its Vice Chairman Mr. Zhang Haitao, Visits NGC

Published: 2016-05-25


Accompanied by Mr. Pan Feng, Chairman of the Trade Union of Nanjing Electromechanical Industry Group, on the afternoon of May 11, 2016, members of the Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions led by its Vice Chairman Mr. Zhang Haitao paid a visit to Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “NGC Marine”), a subsidiary of NGC Marine Group. During their visit, they inspected and surveyed the effects of the supply-side reform on corporate productions and operations, as well as trade union work.

Mr. Zhang Haitao, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions (third from the right), and company

Mr. Zhang Baoxiang (Chairman of the Trade Union of the NGC Group), along with Mr. Wang Li and Mr. Zhou Wei, (Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Trade Union of NGC Marine, respectively) received leaders from Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions. Mr. Zhang Haitao and company first toured the Phase I and Phase III production areas of NGC Marine, during which Mr. Wang Li introduced the relevant products, production and operating conditions, and staff structure of NGC Marine.

Following completion of the symposium, Mr. Wang Li, Chairman of the Trade Union of NGC Marine provided a detailed presentation to guests about the product structure, product portfolio, intellectual property, staff skills, and performance of NGC Marine. Mr. Zhang Baoxiang, Chairman of the Trade Union of the NGC Group, delivered a report to the delegation on corporate development of the NGC Group following its restructuring, particularly after successfully becoming listed in Hong Kong. By deepening and broadening market operations, and emphasizing technology research and an innovative mindset, NGC updated and introduced new world-class processing equipment, thus significantly overhauling the entire factory. With new development opportunities secured, NGC heralded the beginning of reforms. After that, Mr. Zhang Baoxiang further reported on relevant aspects of staff structure, corporate culture development, staff rights’ protection, democratic management, staff benefits, and workers’ congress.

At present, NGC is in a significant period of transformation and upgrades. In the process of the supply-side reform, NGC obtains strong support amidst the economic downturn through reorganization, downsizing, management optimization, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement. The Company strengthens quality awareness, promotes Six Sigma quality management, and strives for “zero” defect quality, sp as to revive its industrial power and become the leader of industrial gear products. In the meantime, the Company will implement big data management, focus on its strategic goal of realizing China’s industry 2020, and advance the new “SAP” ERP system to the fullest extent possible. These actions will ensure that the whole production system chain is complete and under control, which includes (1) the execution of production plans, (2) the supply of raw materials, (3) the production process, and (4) the finished products. As a result, the Company will provide high quality and reliable products for customers, thus becoming a gold-medal leader in the industry. The Company also stages internal labor contests with the themes of learning from model workers, respecting model workers, good work ethic, and strong work ethic, so as to promote the “craftsman’s spirit”, enhance corporate image and build a leader in corporate culture development.

Mr. Zhang, Deputy Chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions, sang high praise for the achievements made by NGC Group and NGC Marine. Thanks to good operation and management experience, a stable staff team, and a positive role of the trade unions in the grassroots, the Company fares well under the current economic downturn, which is rare and commendable, Mr. Zhang said.

Mr. Zhang Haitao introduced the current economic situation at home and abroad. According to him, the structural adjustment of the supply side requires enterprises to perform active reforms, change management ideas, and seek development through innovation. He also pointed out that under the current macro environment, the enterprise shall deepen their trade union work by focusing on building the confidence of the workers, strengthening corporate culture development, and protecting workers’ basic rights, their democratic political rights, their spiritual and cultural rights, and their rights of positive development.

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