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The new product release conference of large-power low-vein miners and digging machines held by China Transmission heavy Equipment Co.,Ltd

Published: 2013-10-14


On October 10, 2013, as presided by the China Coal Industry Association, the new product release conference of large-power low-vein miners and digging machines was organized by China Transmission Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. in Nanjing (hereinafter: China Transmission Heavy Equipment ).The national authorities and experts were invited to the approval committee to comment on the six new product, such as "3MG250/571-BWD type AC traction shearer, 1MG250/561-BWD type AC traction shearer, 2MG400/932-AWD electric traction shearer, EBZ160 digging and anchor machine, EBZ200TA dwarf body roadheader and CMH-160 continuous miner ". The Committee of experts from the research institutes, universities, industry-related companies were above the senior title of experts and professors. The leaders of Jiangsu Province attached great importance to this conference and sent the relevant leaders to attend it .

New Product Release Conference & approval council for high-power low-vein miners and digging machine

Before the conference, the experts and leaders visited China Transmission Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd., Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear Group Co Ltd, and Nanjing High Speed and gear manufacturing Co., Ltd, the subsidiaries of China Transmission, at the workshop of China Transmission Heavy Equipments, they watched the six types of the machines waited to be approved and expressed great interesting in them. The staff from our company carefully answered the questions asked by experts and leaders.

The experts and leaders visited China Transmission Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr Li Shengqiang, the General Manager of China Transmission Heavy Equipment and the Executive Director of China Transmission, read an address of welcome. He thanked all the experts and leaders for approving the new products of our company and hoped that the experts felt free to make comments and suggestions to improve and support the development of our new product!

In the meeting, Mr Liu Peng , the President of coal mining machine Design Institute and Mr.Liu Deling, the President of digging machine Design Institute, separately introduced the coal mining machines and digging machines to the guests.The experts carefully listened to all the information of research and design of technical products and manufacturing of product, etc. and comprehensively reviewed the technical documents. After carefully reviewing of them, the experts agreed that the six new models of machines developed and made by China Transmission Heavy Equipment can reach the domestic first-class level with the concept of reasonable design and advanced manufacturing processes

At the end of the conference, Mr liu Jian , the director of expert committee said “ the new products developed by China Transmission Heavy Equipment have obtained highly recognized by expert group, and he expressed his congratulations on us and made his concluding remarks: Although it is not long time for China Transmission Heavy Equipment to access to the coal industry, its development speed is surprising. The six models of advanced machines were developed and made by the company to excavate the difficult coal seam in such short time, which can prove that China Transmission Heavy Equipment has actual strength of R & D innovation and manufacturing equipments.He hoped that China Transmission Heavy Equipment should continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation and introduce new products for the mining machinery industry to make more contributions!

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