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Mr. Han Qide, the vice-Chairman of National People's Congress came to visit NGC

Published: 2012-03-30


On 29 National People’s Congress and Chairman of Jiu San Society, accompanied by Mr. Luo Qun, Mr. Zhang Zhiming, Mr. Yang Zhengyu, the leaders of the Nanjing city came to visit and inspect the 400mu wind power gearbox production base of Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. ("NGC"). Mr. Xiongning, the vice president of the Group Company, Mr. Wang Zhengrong and Mr. Wang Zhengbin, both the vice general manager of Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd., etc. warmly received Mr. Han Qide’s team.

The major intention for Mr. Han Qide’s coming is to inspect the situation of Industrial Green Development. Mr. Xiong Ning, the vice president of the Group Company instructed to him about the work of production and scientific development of the Group Company. He especially instructed the situation and prospect of second venture of the company.

After visiting the whole production base, Mr. Han Qide felt excited for the development of NGC, especially for the energy saving work and the results that the company has achieved in industrial green field. He expected that NGC can make pioneering development in new energy and new business sectors.

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