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Company History

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Nanjing Jingze Lighting Technology Co., Ltd (a subsidiary of NGC) was certified as a National High-Tech Enterprise.

NGC Transmission India Pvt. Ltd. (including sales, technology, and service divisions) was established in Chennai, signifying NGC’s penetration into the Indian market.

The Company provided the first batch of gearboxes for the first intercity railway Wenzhou Line S1.

NGC released its newly-developed wind gear product, the NGC StanGear, at Wind Energy Hamburg 2016.

The Company provided 100% low-floor tramcar gearboxes for CSR Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd.
The Company developed the world’s largest cutter gearbox (6,500 cubic meters) for cutter suction dredgers that are non-self-propelled, which was successfully checked and accepted by its clients upon shipment at the factory. The weight of a single unit of this gearbox is about 220 T.

NGC American Operation & Maintenance Center was established in Fort Worth, Texas. The establishment of this center helped bring better services to American clients, while further exploring wind and industrial gearbox businesses in North America, South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean.