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Notices & Announcements

Interim Report 2007(2008-10-13)
1、Interim Report 2007 (367KB, PDF)
Annual Report 2007(2008-10-13)
Annual Report 2007 (609KB, PDF)
Financial Statements - [Interim/Half-Year Report](2008-09-27)
Financial Statements - [Interim/Half-Year Report] (Unknown size, PDF)
Annual Report 2008(2008-09-23)
4、Annual Report 2008 (794KB, PDF)
[Interim Results] Announcement - Unaudited..(2008-09-17)
Announcements and Notices - [Interim Results] Announcement - Unaudited.. (Unknown size, PDF)
[Date of Board Meeting](2008-09-03)
Announcements and Notices - [Date of Board Meeting] (Unknown size, PDF)
Circulars - [Discloseable Transaction](2008-07-21)
Circulars - [Discloseable Transaction] (Unknown size, PDF)
Discloseable Transaction DISCLOSEABLE T..(2008-07-03)
Announcements and Notices - [Discloseable Transaction]  DISCLOSEABLE T.. (Unknown size, PDF)
Connected Transaction CONNECTED TRANSACT..(2008-07-03)
Announcements and Notices - [Connected Transaction] CONNECTED TRANSACT.. (Unknown size, PDF)
Results of AGM / Results of Voting by Pol..(2008-06-20)
Announcements and Notices - [Results of AGM / Results of Voting by Pol.. (Unknown size, PDF)

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