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NGC Receives the “2018 Outstanding Human Resource Management Award”

Published: 2018-04-26


On April 13, 2018, some good news arrived from the award ceremony for the “2018 Outstanding Human Resource Management Award” hosted by 51 Job; NGC had been nominated due to their HR department’s constant practice of strategy implementation and excellent performance.

The NGC HR department attended the award ceremony on behalf of the Group and had the opportunity to share and discuss with peers in different industries from all over China, with the hope that NGC’s domestic employer branding can become better and better.

The NGC Group is always attentive of the human resource management's contribution towards corporate strategy, its value for of products and services, core effect on the corporate culture and its support for the enterprise’s long-term goals. Therefore, NGC always adheres to the leading personnel management concept, paying attention to employee career development, cultivating a corporate culture with humanistic care, and boldly attempts innovation in respect to implementation. The NGC Group has carried out a series of process optimizations for human resource management and personnel training projects to help employees improve vocational skills and realize a win-win for the mutual development of the enterprise and its employees.

The “Outstanding Human Resource Management Award” was hosted by 51 Job and nomination for the award indicates an enterprise’s development in the promotion and advancement of human resources management; the award is large-scaled, has high authority and has always been highly regarded by HR.

This year’s nominations are based on the theme “facing a new generation of humanity and exploring new opportunities”. An enterprises’ considerations are explored in regards to attracting, developing, rewarding and retaining talents to ultimately achieve the organizations’ business objectives; this exploration is conducted according to the contributions made by human resource management towards corporate strategy. Then, in view of China's corporate world, the best practices to represent China’s human resource industry are selected. (by Li Jianping)

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