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NGC Wind Power Wins the 2016 Innovation in Technology Award for Enterprises of Jiangsu Province

Published: 2017-03-01


Recently, the Science and Technology Awards of Jiangsu Province were announced upon a comprehensive review by the review committee, with 188 Science and Technology Awards and six Innovation in Technology Awards for Enterprises at the provincial level in total. As a wind power gearbox manufacturing base under NGC, Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was named among the six award winners.

Established in 2011, the Innovation in Technology Awards for Enterprises of Jiangsu Province mainly aim to recognize achievements of enterprises in innovation through science and technology awards. Meanwhile, such awards focus on providing incentives for enterprises that implement innovation-driven strategies, promote scientific and technological innovation projects, and make great contributions to accelerate the construction of an innovative province. These awards are the highest honor highly innovative enterprises may attain at the national and provincial levels, which recognize their ability in technological innovation as well as their comprehensive competitiveness in accordance with new national standards for high technology enterprises.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of wind power transmission equipment, NGC is always committed to providing global customers with high-performance and reliable wind power transmission products. Moreover, it persistently pursues large-scale wind power products and new development strategies. Its 1.5-MW and 2-MW wind power products have even been supplied to customers at home and abroad in bulk. In addition to the technology of such products reaching the international advanced level, wind power products with the capacity of 3 MW or above have been successfully installed in China’s offshore wind plants.

NGC greatly values the development of technology innovation platforms, which feature an “Enterprise Technology Center” accredited by the National Development and Reform Commission, as well as a “Machinery Industry Overloading Transmission Engineering Research Center” and a “Key Laboratory of Wind Power Gear Transmission Systems for the Mechanical Industry”, both of which are accredited by the National Machinery Industry Federation. In addition, they feature a “High-speed, Heavy Mechanical Drive System Technology Research Center of Jiangsu Province” accredited by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, and other provincial research and development platforms. Furthermore, its product development and technology research and development capabilities are outstanding.

With gear technology, products, and services as its core business, NGC integrates production, research and development, sales, and service as a whole while targeting energy, major equipment, general equipment, and other industrial areas. In addition, it pays attention to the long-term investment in fields such as clean energy, low consumption, and high efficiency. Through leading technology, reliable quality, considerate services, NGC has become one of the most competitive global partners in the field of transmission. In the future, NGC will continue to focus on gearbox and transmission technology, take innovation and internationalization as its driving force, and lead the industry towards sustainable growth. (by Qian Hongru)

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