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NGC Gears Unveils Innovative Serialized Platform for Wind Energy Gearbox - NGC StanGear

Published: 2016-09-28


On September 27th, NGC Gears, one of the global leaders in wind energy industry, has unveiled its serialized platform for wind energy gearbox - NGC StanGear in the WindEnergy Hamburg Expo 2016.

During the last 30 years, gearboxes for wind turbines are designed according to the manufactures’ specifications. This leads to a big diversity of gearboxes in the wind farms, longer time in bringing new product to the market, rigid cost structure and reliability risk due to new design uncertainties. To overcome challenges to the sustainable development of wind energy industry, NGC Gears is announcing its newly developed NGC StanGear platform based on the SMG main gearbox, SPT pitch gearbox and SYW yaw drive.

Based on NGC’s technology knowhow and experience with over 50,000 main gearboxes and 300,000 pitch & yaw drives delivered to 40 turbine manufacturers in 30 countries, as well as field application database, NGC Gears has developed the NGC StanGear platform by applying modularization and standardization of life cycle cost especially for main components. The key value added benefits to turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators are cost efficiency for new product development, shorter time for new product to the market, higher reliability, larger scale effect and optimized service. Customers can select the appropriate gearbox from NGC StanGear catalog or choose a basic item with least modification to match their needs.

Dr.-ing. Gou Jianhui, Managing Director of NGC Gears, points out that NGC Gears is a global gearbox & drive technology solution provider and always ready to supply the best solution to our customers. Now NGC renders the experience accumulated over the decade into the innovative outcome and launches our new serialized platform for wind energy gearbox, which will improve substantially the life cycle costs and application of new technologies to the turbine manufactures and wind farm operators.

About NGC Gears

NGC was founded in 1969 and has been publicly listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2007. As the core business of NGC Group, NGC Gears is focused on gearbox & drive technology solutions for wind energy, rail vehicles and industrial applications.

NGC Gears provides products, technologies and services to the global market. During the past ten years, tremendous investment has been made in the fields of clean energy and high efficiency-low consumption applications. With its state-of-the-art technology, reliable quality and excellent service, NGC Gears has become a competitive partner in the global drive technology market.

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