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NGC Secured Orders of Metro Gearboxes from Multiple Overseas Markets

Published: 2016-09-19


Recently, NGC’s railway vehicle business has been reporting news of success. The Company secured total orders for about 700 metro gearboxes, including 352 from Sydney (Australia), 160 from Lucknow (India), and 160 sets for the extension under the SBASE project (Argentina).

Previously, NGC’s metro gearboxes were successfully applied to many metro systems in many countries including India and Argentina. The Company’s high-quality products and worldwide service network guarantee safe and convenient travel locally.

As the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the largest city and port in Australia and even the Oceania. NGC will provide B23 double metro reduction gearboxes for the North West Rail Link (NWRL). With a weight of less than 410 kg, this gearbox can support a torque of 12,000 N•m. The weight, volume, noise, and comprehensive performance of the whole product reach an advanced and international level.

A metro gearbox is an important component of the electrical traction system, which is a key component of metro vehicles. Under such working conditions as variable loading and high vibration, safety and stability are strongly required. The metro gearbox developed by NGC is subjected to the simulation analysis of various working conditions of vehicle operation, for the purpose of satisfying the requirements for strength and rigidity. Meanwhile, the bearing and gears are ensured to be fully lubricated when the gearbox runs in different leaning conditions. By adopting numerous patented technologies and its unique gear modification technology, NGC’s metro gearbox has the bearing capacity of a gearbox effectively improved, enabling this gearbox to have high-density power, strong bearing, high reliability, easy maintenance, and other features. The non-maintenance service life of the gearbox is greater than 1.2 million km.

As a global expert at technical solutions to gearboxes and transmissions, NGC’s railway vehicle transmissions are widely applied to metros, trams, inter-city trains, high-speed rail vehicles, locomotives, and other fields. Due to the philosophy of innovative design and outstanding product performance, NGC’s metro gearbox series and traction gear products are favored by famous manufacturers at home and abroad. Nowadays, approximately 20,000 sets of NGC’s metro gearboxes run in metro systems in China, North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Africa, etc.

Relying on optimized gearbox designs, excellent sealing technology, and effective control over production processes, NGC’s railway vehicle gearboxes highlight better performance in terms of environmental-friendly applications. The Company is committed to providing reliable, safe, and quiet products for global customers. Adhering to the philosophy and process of “zero defect”, the Company ensures that the product conforms to the standard of high quality in the whole service life, creating maximum benefits for users. (Qian Hongru)

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