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Zero Product Defects for Absolute Satisfaction – Recording the Quality Knowledge Competition of NGC Gears

Published: 2015-11-16


The magnificent country during the golden autumn season is splendid. As the heady fragrance of laurel blossoms wafted through the fresh air, we were singing with a resounding voice.

On the afternoon of October 23, the affiliated wind energy production base of NGC Gears, Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (“High Speed Company”) held a quality knowledge competition at the NGC wind energy industrial park as scheduled.

The participants of this knowledge competition mainly included 36 competitors from 12 departments of the main gearbox plant and pitch gearbox and yaw drive plant. The activity was carried out on the theme of “Zero Product Defects for Absolute Satisfaction”, with a view to integrating the strategic target of “zero quality defects” put forward by NGC Gears’ 2015 annual meeting. The activities were aimed at strengthening staff quality awareness, and improving the level of production and management, thus promoting the effective operation of quality management systems and the comprehensive upgrading of product quality.

This competition included the three links of required questions, preemptive-answer questions and risk questions. During the competition process, the competitors had high spirits and kept calm during their careful responses. The creative link of “WeChat preemptive answer” tailored to the competition pushed the competition atmosphere to a new high. By connecting their mobile phones with the WeChat platform established by the organizing committee, the competitors tried to give preemptive answers against the clock in a virtual space through sending of “key figures”. Such creativity rationally utilized the emerging communication resources, played off the wits of young staff, reduced costs, and guaranteed the good order of activity, thus optimally interpreting the theme of this quality knowledge competition.

To respond to the fierce competition, the final match also added 2 rounds of fence-off. The competitors likewise obtained a firm and full grasp of the relevant knowledge, which made the competition fiercer and achieved the goals in organizing the activity.

Competition Site

Through the fierce competition in three stages, the Representative Team of the 2nd Branch Plant ultimately landed the first prize of this knowledge competition, while the Representative Teams of the 3rd Branch Plant and Equipment Department won second prize, and the Representative Teams of QC Department for Pitch and Yaw Drives, Warehousing Center and Heat Treatment Branch Plant won the third prize.

In this competition, all competitors were not only participants and pupils, but also disseminators and directors. They would take this quality knowledge competition as new beginning, strive to improve all staff awareness toward product quality, and constantly improve the level of quality management, and make arduous efforts to comprehensively realize the Company’s strategic goal of zero defects. (By Qin Xiao)

(First Prize: Representative Team of the 2nd Branch Plant)

(Second Prize: Representative Teams of the 3rd Branch Plant and Equipment Department)

(Third Prize: Representative Teams of QC Department for Pitch and Yaw Drives, Warehousing Center, and Heat Treatment Branch Plant)

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