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Sun Likun Interviewed High Level of China Transmission

Published: 2012-07-23


(Sun Likun and Li Shengqiang in the civil center)

On July 20, 2012, Sun Likun, assistant secretary of City Party Committee and mayor of JiaoZuo interviewed Li Shengqiang, executive director and vice general manager of China Transmission, general manager of China Transmission Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd in Civil Center to talk about the future cooperation. Zhao Jianjun, assistant secretary of City Party Committee and vice standing mayor, Qiao Xueda, vice mayor and Gao Xiaofang.

In the interview, Sun Likun said that Jiaozuo is a new industrial city with very rich resource and convenient transportation, and is also the equipment manufacturing base in Henan province, which is possessed with complete engineering goods, advanced technology and good industry foundation; and Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd, (NGC) has the leading technology and advanced management, if both parties could cooperate with each other, it would play a positive roll in the improvement of the technology and management of the enterprises in Jiaozuo. It was expected, that Jiaozuo and NGC could work together earlier, and the City Party Committee and government would provide huge support and first rate service to reach the win-win goal.

Li Shengqiang said, the industrial base and developing environment was very attractive to the enterprises, and hoped that both parties could establish the cooperation relationship soon.

NGC is a large enterprise group specialized in the production of high speed heavy duty gears, and is ranked as top 100 of China Machinery Industry Core Competitiveness. In 2001, the company was converted to a company limited by shares, and in 2007, it was successfully listed in Hongkong. Today, it is already growing to be a leading company in domestic gear industry.

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