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NGC: Making First Class Products to become the World’s No. 1 Equipment Manufacturer

Published: 2010-06-11


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Mr. Hu Yueming, the chairman of NGC (Left), shakes hands with the CEO of China Cements, Mr. Shao Jun (Right)

Recently, Mr. Shao Jun, the CEO of China Cements and Mr. Li Hua, the VIP Customer Service Director and his party visited Nanjing High Speed Gear Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as NGC) and were warmly welcomed by the chairman of NGC Mr. Hu Yueming and the Vice General Manager Zhangtao.Mr. Hu met the delegation from China Cements before taking the train to Beijing for an important conference. When we met Mr. Hu, he was packing for the business trip. I saw the popular book in his luggage and we started the talk on this story. During the conversation I found Mr. Hu, although he is nearly 60 years old, is not conservative at all and appreciates the character Du Lala with the conclusion that the young should be given opportunities to display their genuine talents.

Chairman of NGC Mr. Hu Yueming

When we came to the topic that over capacity in cement industry caused govemental policies of limitation, Mr. Hu said that the problem with domestic production capacity in China’s cement industry shall end sooner or later, and it will come to its end not by an order from the government but through advancement of the society as small gearbox plants, small cement plants will sooner or later die out. The removed equipment will inevitably be replaced with new ones which has a “new for old” process, resulting more light in this market space. NGC started in the cement industry comparatively late, but it is full of hope and confidence for the future in this industry. The company always persists to produce the newest, most advanced and largest cement equipment, and enjoys the flourishing market.

NGC has a history of over fourty years. It started from manufacturing small gearboxes to the current wide range of products for many industries including metallergy, building materials, power generation, mining, lifting cranes, energy and national defense. These great achievements are based on the company’s persistence of “second undertaking” philosophy, which refers to the first strategic transformation of the company to develop to a certain stage of advancement, the first revolutionary change during the development process of the company. Mr. Hu pointed out that the two most important elements in the second undertaking are the future market and a leader with technical background. Only with an accurate perception of the future market and a team leader who has considerable technical accomplishments, it is possible to drive the enterprise toward further development. Capital and management systems are not the crucial factors that matter. He told us frankly, “Without the second undertaking, NGC for sure will fail in ten or twenty years”.

Technical innovation is indispensible to second undertaking and training talent is indispensable to technical innovation. NGC attaches great importance to talent, inputting a lot of efforts and capital into the cultivation of talent and providing good environment both for work and living. Furthermore, NGC has a unique set of employment standards, for example, if a father works for the company and his son is qualified, NGC would welcome him to join the company. In this way, the father and the son will both have strong sense of belonging to the company and work more actively. The interanl harmonious unity is one of the key factors to maintain steady development of the company. NGC believes that the managers shall get on well with their staffs and treat the injured or sick employees with a high level of concern. Mr. Hu said, “Our company will cover 100% of the medical treatment expenses if any of our employees is found to have cancer. We will never let our people go home and wait to die.”

Gear machining workshop corner

World’s biggest gear grinding machine

The next day, Mr. Zhao Tao and his team show the China Cement delegates around NGC’s equipment manufacturing workshops. In order to guarantee world first class products, NGC has purchased many state-of-arts machines from abroad. For example, the big gear grinding machine of nearly 6 meters high was bought recently. There are only three machines of the same size around the world, and NGC are the only company to own one in China.

NGC has always been adhering to the brand concept of “Only an international brand name can exist in domestic market” and insists that if a machinery equipment supplier does not have a proper position in the international market, it will sooner or later lose its position domestically. . Apart from equipment guaranteeing the production of high end products, you still need to provide perfect customer service and competitive prices in the international market which could ensure a company’s position in international market, it shall promote with world class image to attain a favorable environment at home. And the enterprise shall work more on this basis to get stronger and bigger to become world No. 1 equipment manufacturer.

General Manager Zhang Tao (third from the left ) and his elite team in the production workshop

NGC’s General Manager Zhang Tao (The third from the right ) and his team

NGC employees and the team from China Cement souvenir group photo

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