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Leading manufacturer for ship propulsion system integration in Asia

In the marine field, NGC is capable of offering various transmission and propulsion equipment after the prime mover, including controllable pitch propellers, fixed pitch propellers, azimuth thrusters, tunnel thrusters, propulsion gearboxes, dredging gearboxes, offshore jack-up gearboxes, and deck machineries, etc. It is the only ship supporting enterprise in China with the capacity of global supply and international warranty service, which is renowned in the industry. Through years of tracking, the equipment offered by the Group is widely trusted due to its stable operation and excellent performance, bringing stable benefits for ship operation companies and final users.


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Wide application of products and clients all over the world
The products of the Group are widely applicable to a variety of ship platforms such as coastguard public vessels, combat vessels, naval auxiliaries, maritime working vessels, dredgers and maritime working platforms which cover every corner of the oceans and win the favor of clients in Northeast Asian region, Indian Sub-continent and the Middle East.
In 2005, the Group cooperated with Germany ZF Marine Group to manufacture core components of main gearbox in large ship propulsion as well as production and assembly of controllable pitch propeller in large ships. The products are mainly applicable to working ships and oceangoing freighters. The maximum accessible mainframe power is 14,000kw. So far, the Group has provided ZF with about 500 controllable pitches and 300 marine gearboxes and provided domestic and foreign clients with about 400 ship supporting products.
Modern processing equipment and leading production capacity
The Group founded Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2006 and acquired Zhenjiang Tongzhou Propeller Co., Ltd. in 2009.
The Group’s marine subsidary has first-level modernized production workshops and is equipped with over 300 advanced processing facilities including various CNC machine tool technologies such as large CNC horizontal lathe, large roll grinder and large CNC deep-hole drilling and boring machine. Meanwhile, it has a great many centers such as large FPP CNC processing center and Toshiba group of processing center as well as globally advanced production facilities such as PUMA CNC lathe production line of South Korea, LIEBHER and Pfauter efficient gear hobbing machine of Germany, Aichelin pit-type carburizing furnace of Austria and 50-ton medium frequency furnace.
The Group possesses capacity of manufacturing shafting which is 1.6m in diameter and 1.6m in length, gear which is 6m in diameter and ISO-3 in precision, marine fixed pitch propeller which is 110 tons in unit net weight and 11m in diameter as well as controllable pitch propeller which is 6.8m in diameter. It is equipped with top inspection equipment and test stand such as Germany Leitz large three-coordinate measuring instrument, large hydraulic static balancing instrument, test stand for tunnel thruster, and test stand for azimuth thrusters so as to ensure the offer of quality marine products for domestic and foreign clients.
Complete quality control system
The Group has established complete system of quality management and control, passed ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system, OHSAS 18000:1999 vocational health and safety management system, GJB 9001B:2009P military product quality management system, national standardization of safety as well as certification of nine major classification societies including CCS, BV, ABS, RINA, LR, DNV, NK, GL and KR.
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