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NGC LED Group is an international sci-tech enterprise in new energy industry with integration of the R&D, production, sales and service of LED products. Its business involves the sapphire substrate in upstream industry and LED lighting in downstream industry.

Nanjing J-Crystal Photoelectric Science &Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated in the production of sapphire ingots, crystal bars, chips and PSS patterned substrates. The Company’s main business includes: important LED substrate materials such as 2", 4" and 6" sapphire substrates and PSS patterned substrates.

NJZ Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated in digging the market demand of industrial lighting, special lighting and street lighting, developing and innovating LED highbay lights, explosion-proof lights, streetlights and other applied products.

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Sapphire Substrate Business
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LED Lighting Business
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Innovative Breakthroughs and Leading Technology
With the support of NGC Group, J-Crystal has core technical capabilities and complete sapphire solutions from crystal growth, cutting and grinding to polishing, and its research and development of sapphire applications in optic mobilephone lenses and screen will soon achieve significant breakthroughs.
In LED lighting market, NJZ-Lighting keeps strengthening scientific research ability, shortening research and production cycle. Meanwhile to create value with light for our customers through bringing in advanced manufacture idea, establishing new business model, and offering long efficient, reliable and durable products.
We promote LED applications in broader fields through technology and innovation, achieving all-round global integration in product quality, expertise, technology, sales and service!
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Sapphire Substrate Business
Nanjing J-Crystal Photoelectric Science &
Technology Co. Ltd.

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+86 25 52397619 (Sales/after-sales services)


+86 25 85789210

LED Lighting Business
NJZ Lighting Technology Co., Ltd

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+86 25 85508031-8815(International sales)


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